Arrowhead Marine, Grand Rapids, MN

BMC dealership: Arrowhead Marine, 912 E. 4th Street, Grand Rapids Minnesota. Today was a total laugh once I arrived in Grand Rapids. A small little town that has changed a lot since the 1967 British Motor Corporation publication of every dealership in America. My cellphone map sent me to a neighborhood first, Then a glass store (on the wrong side of town). I arrived at Northland Off-Road (910 4th street) I chatted with the gentleman running the store and asked him if he knew of Arrowhead Marine… Negative. I popped down the street to get some oil for old Eleanore and asked the guys at Carquest if anyone knew local automotive history. Bruce and his guys over at Jim’s Auto repair (across the street) were very kind and engaging. Bruce taxed his memory and picked up the phone and started calling people about Arrowhead Marine. Gave the guy grief at Northland Off-Road that his shop used to be a BMC dealership. I have a feeling maybe one British car was sold at Arrowhead Marine back in the day.

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