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About me

Exploring British Car Repair Shops

I have been obsessed with British cars since the age of 14 and restored my first one before I had my driver’s license. As the owner of British Motor Care (BMC) of Portland, Oregon, I’ve spent the past ten years serving the Pacific Northwest’s British car community.

I am taking some time off from the shop– what we are calling a sabbatical– to meet other British car shop owners and employees around the country, and learn how they navigate things. I am also trying to find the sites of British Motor Car Dealerships that sold these cars when they were new.

So what does a British car enthusiast drive?

I am driving the very first car I ever restored at the age of 14, a Harvest Gold 1973 MGB.

Years ago a close friend gave me a custom plate for the car– ELENOR RIGBY– which had a limited number of spaces, so although the name is one letter short, she is well identified. I have driven her on many road trips, although this will be the longest and furthest yet.

I am not certain of all the states I will be stopping in, but since I am fully vaccinated, and plan to wear a mask in venues I visit, I feel safe and confident about getting out in public during the ongoing pandemic.

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